Logistics Procurement Sourcing - Market Assessment Platform

Search for your UK Haulier's by Location, Scale & Equipment Type
Identify prospective UK Haulier's by Sector and Service
Select best in class using pier compared fundamentals

Market Search Phase - Find Haulage Companies in the UK, matched to your requirements in seconds with our powerful search function

Save time on your market assessment, build favourite's lists based on your required sector, service and location. Focus your search by Revenue, Profit, Equipment type and number of vehicles authorised.

Supplier Suitability Assessment Phase - Procurement Professionals - drill down to detailed individual UK 3PL's information

Head Office, Operating Centre locations, Service and Sectors, Equipment Types, Consignment size, Financial Dashboard compare key metrics to their piers

Asses suitability based on Metrics including Revenue and Profit per Vehicle or Employee

Are they well run, check with ROI, RONA, DSO, DPO, compare their performance to their Piers

Once you have selected your prospects, we can undertake the initial engagement process, we will contact the key contact, set up engagement sessions and request tailored information

Company addresses
Company postcodes
Company key contacts
Company emails

Sourcing Project Support

Market Search Phase

    Market Assessment
    Selection criteria
    Compile prospect lists
    Rank by Revenue
    Focused search by:-
    Post Code Region
    Operating centres
    Sectors served e.g FMCG
    Equipment type, Temp controlled, etc

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Suitability Assessment Phase

    All of Market Search plus
    Assess suppliers based on:-
    Key Profitability Metrics
    Return on Investment (ROI)
    Return on Net Assets (RONA)
    How quick they collect cash
    How many days to pay Suppliers
    Benchmark FTL rates
    Should cost modelling

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Qualification and initial engagement

    All of Market Assessment
    All of Suitability Assessment
    Introductions Key Contacts in selected prospects
    Facilitation of Initial Engagement sessions
    Benchmark your FTL rates

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